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Conversational Interface For Chrome

Telling the computers what to do using our own language is one of the hottest technology trend today. ADA, or Automated Digital Assistant, builds on recent developments of natural language processing and offers a chatbot-inspired interface to run commands inside your browser.

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Essential Commands

ADA aims to simplify your everday browsing activities. You can easily find your bookmarks, access Chrome browser's internal pages or search on several websites directly.

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Speech Recognition

Speak instead of typing! ADA has speech recognition built-in.

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Watch The Tutorial

List Of Commands

Chrome browser

  • open most recently closed page
  • open service page
  • find a bookmark
  • find in history
  • clear from history
  • find on tabs
  • open [url]
  • open page

Current Page

  • tab
  • translate this
  • locate this
  • find this

Help & Information

  • help
  • faq
  • tutorial


  • timer

Products & Reviews

  • find this on tripadvisor
  • find this on testfreaks
  • find this on amazon
  • find this on ebay
  • find this on yelp
  • find this on foursquare

Knowledge Base

  • find this on wikipedia
  • find this on stackoverflow
  • find this on stackexchange
  • find this on wolfram alpha


  • find this on flickr
  • find this on youtube

Movie Information & Ratings

  • find this on imdb
  • find this on rottentomatoes

You can find ADA in Chrome Web Store.